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“Finally a blog I’ll stick to,” I tell myself. I guess we’ll see about that! Welcome to my new blog, Craftily. I’ve had a food blog previously that actually began to attract several followers before I got lazy and quit posting. I lost the charger to my camera and then, all of a sudden, I find myself slacking on posts. All of a sudden I’m not posting at all- a year later I’m looking back at the blog and I’m ashamed. I should have kept up with it!

Oh well, thanks to the internet I can just start a new one. So where did I go wrong with my food blog? It only covered one of my major hobbies. While I love to cook and bake and write my own recipes, I also knit, crochet, sew, scrapbook, and have my own vegetable and herb garden. That’s not even including the not-worth-mentioning-by-name crafts that I find myself dabbling with on a regular basis. I’m passionate about my hobbies and I am fortunate to have all the opportunities to pursue them that I do. This blog is about all of the projects I’m currently working on, but it’ll also have many of the elements of a food blog. Pictures, recipes, stories about the recipes. Also, my parents generously allow me to use one of the rooms in their house as an amazing studio, which is currently undergoing a serious makeover. That’ll be a big part of this blog, because I’m talking total studio overhaul. I’ve been stalking pinterest for ideas and I have some good ones.

So take a look around, though there’s nothing much there yet, and don’t hesitate to leave feedback.